Welcome! My name is Michelle Berry-Shaffer!
Thank you for taking the time to look at this site! I am a plant-based live food and lifestyle instructor, juice cleansing consultant and I love to teach classes because I am passionate about  holistic health for the whole family!
As a student of Gebriel Cousens, MD, it is my passion to empower people about taking charge of their health in a holistic way. By looking at each persons individual nutritional needs through a plant based lifestyle.  To be able to reach more people, I am open and compassionate to help everyone take responsibility for their health. Presenting both scientific and spiritual information about raising consciousness that directly impacts our health as an individual and our health as a part of a community and ultimately the health of the planet.
My masters thesis, I am working on studying children ages 6-12 change over to an Organic, Vegan diet with proper supplementation. I will be tracking these beautiful beings of light  for a period of about 6 months. What will I be tracking? I will give them a survey assessing their cognitive abilities, stress levels, and some other vitamin deficiencies, immunity ect….  If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in my study, please send them my way! It is greatly appreciated!
Co-founder and director of Sublime Elements, a company that sells supplements and superfoods online. It is a joy of mine to lead juice cleanses, teach people about plant based health, and how to live a joyful, healthy, disease free life. Wow! How amazing is that? Healthy eating and living is a passion for of mine and I love to help people add more raw and living foods into their lives for radiant health!

Each person is a unique individual with individual nutritional needs, and although I personally teach a plant based lifestyle, I am open and compassionate to help everyone take responsibility for one’s own health.

Please feel free to contact me at sublimele@gmail.com

Visit my personal site at http://www.MichelleBerryShaffer.com

Many Blessings!


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