Daring greatly and acting boldly: Chelsea Clinton challenges youth to rise to the occasion


Well said Chelsea Clinton … Kids Get Caught Trying! Take that leap and do what you know!

Get Caught Trying

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Chelsea Clinton has some advice for those with the greatest potential to become change-makers — the young. At TEDxTeen, held in New York City on March 16, Clinton delivered this bold talk, saying that despite negative assumptions, today’s youth are in a unique position to do good. Teens today have big advantages over those who are older, says Clinton: they are more likely to take risks, they lack deeply engrained biases and they are digital natives. As a result, millennials — those coming of age in the 21st century — are more likely to be confident, connected and open to change. This makes for vast potential.

So how can teens harness it? Clinton says that it’s a matter of finding what you’re passionate about and then not being afraid to try it — because you never know how great your impact could be. Clinton challenges young people to “dare…

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