Raising Organic Plant Based Kids!


My name is Michelle Berry I am a Live Food and Lifestyle Instructor, as well as a student of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. I am an owner of a catering company called Berry Bliss, dedicated to vegan and live food cuisine made with love and green living. I am a mother to two beautiful daughters, ages 8 and 12 and a wife to a wonderful husband. This blogs is a way to share my experiences about switching a family to holistic veganism.

Kids are very in tune with the earth, they have a deep love for animals and are very sensitive, honest and logical. One of the most basic human feelings is love. Love for one another, love for animals, love for flowers and plants, love for rainbows, and the list can go on….. The love for animals is instinctual and how one relates to their most basic choices by what they take into their body through eating is a gift. This gift is a way for kids to grow in body, mind and soul.

This video captures an essence of a child’s unconditional love for an animal and how children often times see animals as their best friends, they may be considered the only beings who truly understand the child. The connection is beautiful and sacred.
Free Willy Video
Here is another video that captures the essence of the idea of the Circle of Life and how we are all connected: Lion King

Until kids are teens, parents are the gatekeepers for the kinds of foods that dominate children’s lives. To take this a step further, as parents, we also are hold the torch for health-promoting vegan choices through clothing, household cleaners and toys and lifestyle through physical, mental and spiritual health and well being for our children.

A vegan diet promotes world peace and a sustainable future for our children.

Peace is not something you wish for, it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.

Have a beautiful day!



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